Yet to be remembered.

April 4, 2006

There is a real good friend of mine,Roopam.Well we are having basic understanding between each other which makes us very good friend.We are the friends for lifetime.Whatever happens to me he will be there, and whatever happens to him then I think I will be there for sure.

We had some problems due to some girls who messed up.Well but still due to our strong friendship this small annoying misunderstanding could not broke up our friendship.This made our bonding more stronger.Well that surely made me think that this friend is a friend who is a real friend.The basic extinct is that today I really need to dedicate one of my post to him 😉

Even though its not a Friendship day, but truely it doesnt matter for me which day it is in life.I dont care about dates.I dont try to search for days to make your day better or say something.

Still I would like to say roopam, Hey buddy, Thanks for being my friend for life! 


I am feeling lonely!

April 3, 2006

This world is damn cruel.Every damn person got a purpose to talk to.I am feel lonely because there is no one whom I can have faith on.The person talking with you nicely today will try to harm you tomorrow when he got his work done.Its all about living in a society full of people with competition.Koi yaha par kisika barosa nahi kar sakta hain.

I am really dishearted for what might have happened.And I even say thanks to god that atleast you made me aware of things before hand.Now I am lonely because for whom I had faith is lost.I am really depressed at this moment. 

Rang De Basanti- Late but lately

April 2, 2006

This might be a movie of a lifetime.When you see it you feel incomplete.Even if my country might have got the all named" Independence" but still we all are struggling all way into this country's problem.The much talked about topic like Corruption , the topic about which we talk about as a topic of discussion and just go on doing nothing about it.

You might even have seen  corruption flonting in your daily life.Its something you might have even thought about something but still what can you do?Atleast from my side I have made a pledge not to be a part of the system.If I will change in what so ever condition then I think that will make a slight difference and if we all start changing ourself then it will make a slightly major difference.

I am a Inspirational guy.I am patriotic.I am spiritual and after all I am a indian.Thats why I may say I am what I am and thats what I am.People reading this blog may feel that I am an overly open  minded guy.But still I would say I am.I dont care about people generally.I say whatever I might feel about openly and even I ask people to say anything they feel about me openly.Because that way you get to see the real image of things.

Ok now I am over charged to change this well being world and lets see how I go…

NOTE: I even got a pirated DVD within few days of the release, well these DVDs were made due to corruption in the Cyber Crime department.Well now I wont say I will stop using pirated DVDs 🙂 

Day yet to be remembered

April 1, 2006

Today I had a very bad day, the problem were my trouble making friends.I was required to resolve there problems and handle the misconceptions that these people were having within themself.

People with ego lack behind in life, there mind goes banana sometime. Thats what I might have got to know today.I would say its been high time that I enjoyed the 10 days break which I had before the new session commencing in my school.So from now on no gup-shup, I am required to concentrate on my studies from now and be a nice boy for my mom and dad.

I had wasted almost so much time roaming here and there, though I did enjoyed that and wish life could have been with no responsibility.But now its a strange phase of life for me, Its undue pressure from parents so that I can be something in life and pressure for peers to make a image of them.But thats not the case life goes on with me.

I aint a guy who is looking for some mean purpose to stay in lifes reathm.I might not be even a egoistic person as per as what I feel about me.I do believe in love of different kinds and but I am not the person who will be looking for love eka Girl Friends in this phase of life.Love is something which I may try to explain now but still when you may fall in true love then you might be speechless.Love is a Astrolots of God.Its something which I may try to write about right now but still when I keep on writing I may be having a Broken Pen and Paper with myself wondered hopeless.See even now I dont know what to say about love.

Love got different meaning in life.You love your parents you love your friends and you yourself love yourself then why its all fuss about.When you love someone then you feel happy when you see the person.I different kind of Happiness enters your mind which is something which keeps on for timeless extinct.

I might not have fallen in love but I want to be sure whenever I fall in love.I dont want to loose myself for one being but when you loose yourself and you are there only for his/her.You think about that person well being and you can do anything for his/her. May be thats love.

Thats why I am not looking for a Girl just as often I dont even think of like that though I know that there will be one person waiting for me and looking for me.I am waiting for the same one.I am not going to be mistaken by a simple crush and love.These 2 things are entirely different things from my minds perception.Waiting for the right one is what you might say love; this waiting even may explain what love is.But still I dont know what might be love.

This is really a fact.

March 31, 2006

Well in my last post I must have talked about the incident I had.Well its not something that I may talk about or something.Even it is not even a topic to talk on but still I feel regret that why people take the meanings entirely differently and cannot judge on there own.Why just people thnk about all this.Means people are mad.

In my peer group who witnessed the "Hi" only talk said by my friend was taken as an political topic in todays conversation.Abhey a friend just made a big topic and started teasing as expected.So what could I have done?

Well I just could have gone angrily and said that its not the thing which truly wasnt to talk about.But that might have made the topic more broader.So I just went on the starting and explained him everything that its not like that and whatever you people talked wasnt right and you should be regretting for and all.

And finally dispute solved and they wont be talking anything like that. Well a smart way to talk to people is talk calmly with full explaination.

NOTE:Hope the girl dont start thinking like what all indian boys do?

Why cant a girl be good friend?

March 30, 2006

Well today I would say I saw the real side of indian thinking.Well there is a girl named Swathika(name edited to keep her privacy incase) I know her as she is living in my street and well we might be good friends.She is very nice by nature and i must say not even egoistic as she can be. But well thats the nice part of her.She might have not talked to me for what silly mistake I did asking her one thing but that may be a sin that she is good friend of mine and understood me well.Though i dont talk to her much and nor even she but still I really made a mistake by not even realizing I am living in a society which thinks differently without a midium.

Basically I had gone to play cricket(which i dont like to play much though) and a friend of mine Kunal(True name since a boys privacy doesnt matter in india 😉 ) had some problem with her egoistic Girl Friend. Well his mobile boiled over and was down to battery low.Her friend called on my cell as requested by kunal and me being a daan vir karan(Indi Phrase).Kunal asked me to help him out by making her GF realize that she cant be egoistic anymore.So what I thought is a girl name and voice can do the trick and make her worry enough.

So well just my mind flicked and I thought of just asking Swathika to talk and just say Hi to get a confirmation of a voice.But you know what went wrong?I was mad. I took care about my friend kunal and damn I didnt even thought that what Swathika will go through?Man I asked a girl openly and it seems like I was daring her inplace of all the people seeing us.Damn that must have made her guilty.

You know people in here think that if a Girl and Boy talks that means there is something in between them.But its not the case always.Swathika is a very good friend of mine and thats why I might surely thought of asking her to talk on the fone in the park that she was jogging in.I didnt had thoughts what people will say and all.I thought that she is just a friend and I know it and this might be Ok.But damn world.Its harsh messy and very strange thoughts of world in here.

So now as I felt that I just did a mistake so I just went on and said her that I am really sorry and I had no idea about what mistake I did so please dont feel bad or something.

And better part was that she is a nice friend and she understood me well! She said Ok and even agreed with me.May be thats what I liked that she understood the fact and not went the indian way thinking.So the day ended by saying sorry to her and that was it.

Moral: If you talk with a girl then talk casually only.See the world and then take a step.Just be friends;)

Reading Book- God’s Debris

March 29, 2006

These days I am reading the book wriittenby Scott Adams.The book named God's Debris
I will suggest you to go to the writter's website to know about the book.But still I will vote 10/10. Since this is the rarest of all the books ever read by me. 


Imagine that you meet a very old man who—you eventually realize—knows literally everything. Imagine that he explains for you the great mysteries of life—quantum physics, evolution, God, gravity, light, psychic phenomenon, and probability—in a way so simple, so novel, and so compelling that it all fits together and makes perfect sense. What does it feel like to suddenly understand everything? God's Debris isn’t the final answer to the Big Questions. But it might be the most compelling vision of reality you will ever read. The thought experiment is this: Try to figure out what’s wrong with the old man’s explanation of reality. Share the book with your smart friends then discuss it later while enjoying a beverage.