New Mobile-Old Gone

Well nothing much going on.Just school, tutions and walks in the evening and night time.Thats it.Well but still Good News is that I was fed up with my old Nokia 6600 and now I am planning to buy a New Handset.Well price range has been fixed by my family for upto 14,000-15,000 rs. since last time I wasted almost 16,000 bucks on my old cell which was like nothing as compared to what I will get for that much money now.
I have planned to take Moto Razer v3 i which costs around 13,000 Rs. or a New N 70 by shalling out my pocket money to get it.

My dad coud’nt have agreed but thanks to the money earned by me online through Google Adsense that now I hold some rights to just get whatever I want to out of my own pocket money.Yes, this is my first spending of anything bigger as for now.

Still, life seems depressing and low in life.I have no friend to talk with about anything intresting.All busy with there own tunes.Damn, I am really feeling lonely these days.
Along with it there are some friends who might be using me these days as a so called planned game made by them.So need to tackle on with this tension too.
Uuuuf seems will have some tuff time this weekdays.


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