Damn I got caught!

Well today I was being caught by a Professional Hacker I just helped a security expert to assemble some data base for his project and which required me to crack down one top IT company to be cracked down.I just messed up and left like a foot print on there PC.Was caught but my friend helped me out by helping me change there proxy networks IP address.

Never mind if you dont understand this things that I must be saying but keep it a secret that I am now a Security Expert and a Member of NAG(National Anti-Hack Group,India) 

I have now got invitation from many security forums to be a V.I.P. But since I am right now in 12th and dont have time to tackle all the situations so I have taken a leave from this tech world side of me.But truely I wanna reach the top of this world and inspired to be competiting with Bill Gates 🙂

So what really happened today, :))

Nothing much actually but I am going on a confusion today, whether I am having attraction towards somebody or whether its something different or whether the situations are making these things happen.Damn I am turning into something strange these days.

Along with it, well tutions school and life is keeping me busy.Along with this blog I am planing to start a new tech site along with keeping and launching my new websites back online Monzilla and Monzine 

 The new site is all about coding and its a Security Top 10 site! 😉


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