Whenever you feel low!

Well whenever I feel low and dishearted I just do one thing.Well go to a temple, ie. Hanuman Mandir, Cannaught Place in Delhi or go to a Hospital.Well help some needy people.Look what God has given you but not them.Take a pledge and just say thank to God for providing me with anything that you might have.For helping me till now for what I am and for helping me in future for what I am not.

There were some old people with no eyes.They are just relieble on people like us.May be thats why I may truely now want to cut off some money from my pocket money and look for investing some money in there life.I might be enjoying with my friends in the near by place District Centre where all my friends do go casually but that is where I change my mind and go to some place where I may invest those masti money in a place I can help.

I dont look for rewards for doing anything but still I want to tell you.Please do the same.Just help someone whom you can.Just invest some McDonalds burgers to those who really need it.That will make your soul better may be…..but not the all time masti nature that people do have.


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