Whats the fuss all about-Study,Study,and Study!

Well my parents are back at me asking me to study and study.Damn it looks like I have been given over torch-er these days:-P But Still mom, dad I know what I need to do in my life.Please live me alone I will do it! That's what I generally say, but well I know they say so because they want my better.OK I understand and that's why I need to clear my priorities now.

May be today I am feeling more comfortable thats because well there is somebody who got trust on me and I got understanding that I shouldnt be breaking that.Thats what will be my basic priority.I dont know how I will pay back for what my parents might have done for me.But still there are some things which you cannot pay back atleast in this life,But you may try.

Thanks God for giving me such lovin parents! 


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