Yet to be remembered.

There is a real good friend of mine,Roopam.Well we are having basic understanding between each other which makes us very good friend.We are the friends for lifetime.Whatever happens to me he will be there, and whatever happens to him then I think I will be there for sure.

We had some problems due to some girls who messed up.Well but still due to our strong friendship this small annoying misunderstanding could not broke up our friendship.This made our bonding more stronger.Well that surely made me think that this friend is a friend who is a real friend.The basic extinct is that today I really need to dedicate one of my post to him 😉

Even though its not a Friendship day, but truely it doesnt matter for me which day it is in life.I dont care about dates.I dont try to search for days to make your day better or say something.

Still I would like to say roopam, Hey buddy, Thanks for being my friend for life! 

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