Rang De Basanti- Late but lately

This might be a movie of a lifetime.When you see it you feel incomplete.Even if my country might have got the all named" Independence" but still we all are struggling all way into this country's problem.The much talked about topic like Corruption , the topic about which we talk about as a topic of discussion and just go on doing nothing about it.

You might even have seen  corruption flonting in your daily life.Its something you might have even thought about something but still what can you do?Atleast from my side I have made a pledge not to be a part of the system.If I will change in what so ever condition then I think that will make a slight difference and if we all start changing ourself then it will make a slightly major difference.

I am a Inspirational guy.I am patriotic.I am spiritual and after all I am a indian.Thats why I may say I am what I am and thats what I am.People reading this blog may feel that I am an overly open  minded guy.But still I would say I am.I dont care about people generally.I say whatever I might feel about openly and even I ask people to say anything they feel about me openly.Because that way you get to see the real image of things.

Ok now I am over charged to change this well being world and lets see how I go…

NOTE: I even got a pirated DVD within few days of the release, well these DVDs were made due to corruption in the Cyber Crime department.Well now I wont say I will stop using pirated DVDs 🙂 

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