Day yet to be remembered

Today I had a very bad day, the problem were my trouble making friends.I was required to resolve there problems and handle the misconceptions that these people were having within themself.

People with ego lack behind in life, there mind goes banana sometime. Thats what I might have got to know today.I would say its been high time that I enjoyed the 10 days break which I had before the new session commencing in my school.So from now on no gup-shup, I am required to concentrate on my studies from now and be a nice boy for my mom and dad.

I had wasted almost so much time roaming here and there, though I did enjoyed that and wish life could have been with no responsibility.But now its a strange phase of life for me, Its undue pressure from parents so that I can be something in life and pressure for peers to make a image of them.But thats not the case life goes on with me.

I aint a guy who is looking for some mean purpose to stay in lifes reathm.I might not be even a egoistic person as per as what I feel about me.I do believe in love of different kinds and but I am not the person who will be looking for love eka Girl Friends in this phase of life.Love is something which I may try to explain now but still when you may fall in true love then you might be speechless.Love is a Astrolots of God.Its something which I may try to write about right now but still when I keep on writing I may be having a Broken Pen and Paper with myself wondered hopeless.See even now I dont know what to say about love.

Love got different meaning in life.You love your parents you love your friends and you yourself love yourself then why its all fuss about.When you love someone then you feel happy when you see the person.I different kind of Happiness enters your mind which is something which keeps on for timeless extinct.

I might not have fallen in love but I want to be sure whenever I fall in love.I dont want to loose myself for one being but when you loose yourself and you are there only for his/her.You think about that person well being and you can do anything for his/her. May be thats love.

Thats why I am not looking for a Girl just as often I dont even think of like that though I know that there will be one person waiting for me and looking for me.I am waiting for the same one.I am not going to be mistaken by a simple crush and love.These 2 things are entirely different things from my minds perception.Waiting for the right one is what you might say love; this waiting even may explain what love is.But still I dont know what might be love.

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