This is really a fact.

Well in my last post I must have talked about the incident I had.Well its not something that I may talk about or something.Even it is not even a topic to talk on but still I feel regret that why people take the meanings entirely differently and cannot judge on there own.Why just people thnk about all this.Means people are mad.

In my peer group who witnessed the "Hi" only talk said by my friend was taken as an political topic in todays conversation.Abhey a friend just made a big topic and started teasing as expected.So what could I have done?

Well I just could have gone angrily and said that its not the thing which truly wasnt to talk about.But that might have made the topic more broader.So I just went on the starting and explained him everything that its not like that and whatever you people talked wasnt right and you should be regretting for and all.

And finally dispute solved and they wont be talking anything like that. Well a smart way to talk to people is talk calmly with full explaination.

NOTE:Hope the girl dont start thinking like what all indian boys do?

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