Why cant a girl be good friend?

Well today I would say I saw the real side of indian thinking.Well there is a girl named Swathika(name edited to keep her privacy incase) I know her as she is living in my street and well we might be good friends.She is very nice by nature and i must say not even egoistic as she can be. But well thats the nice part of her.She might have not talked to me for what silly mistake I did asking her one thing but that may be a sin that she is good friend of mine and understood me well.Though i dont talk to her much and nor even she but still I really made a mistake by not even realizing I am living in a society which thinks differently without a midium.

Basically I had gone to play cricket(which i dont like to play much though) and a friend of mine Kunal(True name since a boys privacy doesnt matter in india 😉 ) had some problem with her egoistic Girl Friend. Well his mobile boiled over and was down to battery low.Her friend called on my cell as requested by kunal and me being a daan vir karan(Indi Phrase).Kunal asked me to help him out by making her GF realize that she cant be egoistic anymore.So what I thought is a girl name and voice can do the trick and make her worry enough.

So well just my mind flicked and I thought of just asking Swathika to talk and just say Hi to get a confirmation of a voice.But you know what went wrong?I was mad. I took care about my friend kunal and damn I didnt even thought that what Swathika will go through?Man I asked a girl openly and it seems like I was daring her inplace of all the people seeing us.Damn that must have made her guilty.

You know people in here think that if a Girl and Boy talks that means there is something in between them.But its not the case always.Swathika is a very good friend of mine and thats why I might surely thought of asking her to talk on the fone in the park that she was jogging in.I didnt had thoughts what people will say and all.I thought that she is just a friend and I know it and this might be Ok.But damn world.Its harsh messy and very strange thoughts of world in here.

So now as I felt that I just did a mistake so I just went on and said her that I am really sorry and I had no idea about what mistake I did so please dont feel bad or something.

And better part was that she is a nice friend and she understood me well! She said Ok and even agreed with me.May be thats what I liked that she understood the fact and not went the indian way thinking.So the day ended by saying sorry to her and that was it.

Moral: If you talk with a girl then talk casually only.See the world and then take a step.Just be friends;)

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