28th March-Hard Worker’s day

They day went like real hard worker's day for me.I just woke up early at 12.30 PM Yeh this was early for me since I didnt had any sleep in the night time.Went to sleep urly at almost 6.30 when my dad told good morning I said Good Night dad!

Well basic reason, I was working on my new site Monzine basically the site isnt up yet and I wont be disclosing it now.

Oh I think you really dont know much about me?Ok I am a 17 year old geek preparing for IIT-JEE sitting on computers most of the time reading ebooks and making websites and maintaining them online.

I might be the only person in my friend circle who earns his own pocket money by sitting on computer and doing something creative rather then play computer games(I dont play games!;) )Main source of income is through Google Adsense its the only source of income for me as for now.

I even know some security and anti-hacking programming and hence I am not a group of any hacking group.Though I am a reputated person in Nog.co.in and Igniteds.net Forum Admin.I might be having many contacts with technology geeks in india.And got good skills to activate the super income by optimizing Adsense ads.Thats why I even work as an Search Engine Optimisation and Adsense Optimization pal for all those who need my friend.

As expected my studies suffer for it and I am hence planning to make my projects more stable for me to handle. 

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