Reason for me blogging in here.

As the title states I want to define the main basic reason for me hanging out in here and typing some words with the help of my keyboard and hands.
Its simple, I am blogging for myself.I am blogging for just to blog.I wont be giving this blog address to any of my friend as much as in case of xe-gency.But still its going to be a space where I will be shooting of my thoughts never the less knowing that even someone is reading it.

It doesnt matter for me to ask people and increase my daily visits.Its me and my blog reading and writing and describing life and the stories which I am making on this lonely planet living with lonely people in a lonely place like Delhi.

If you continue reading my blog then I hope you will find many of my thoughts are extremely open minded and without even thinking I am writing from solely my thoughts.
I might not be asham of naming myself which I truly will do soon.But still I can be online if u really liked the way I share things in the way it is.
For a introductory post I think this might be the basic of me blogging in here!

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