Hey whats the fuss about man!

April 10, 2006

There are times when you feel low, you feel disappointed, you feel like you are living in hell.But actually I may consider this period of time as a time when you can heal yourself.The time when you can think about whats goin on and what actually went wrong.There is always a hope to be something and that alone hope makes those thought be converted into action.

So may be you got it right, I had a bad day.Well had a fight with my parents concerning my life!Well basically I might be wasting some of my time in fully faltu utilities.So time to correct it now.I am planning to cut off those time and utilise it somewhere productivly.

Planing to take a leave off from this cyber world and even planning to do something good about my life.You may say I am on going construction from the bottom of my soul these days. 


New Mobile-Old Gone

April 9, 2006

Well nothing much going on.Just school, tutions and walks in the evening and night time.Thats it.Well but still Good News is that I was fed up with my old Nokia 6600 and now I am planning to buy a New Handset.Well price range has been fixed by my family for upto 14,000-15,000 rs. since last time I wasted almost 16,000 bucks on my old cell which was like nothing as compared to what I will get for that much money now.
I have planned to take Moto Razer v3 i which costs around 13,000 Rs. or a New N 70 by shalling out my pocket money to get it.

My dad coud’nt have agreed but thanks to the money earned by me online through Google Adsense that now I hold some rights to just get whatever I want to out of my own pocket money.Yes, this is my first spending of anything bigger as for now.

Still, life seems depressing and low in life.I have no friend to talk with about anything intresting.All busy with there own tunes.Damn, I am really feeling lonely these days.
Along with it there are some friends who might be using me these days as a so called planned game made by them.So need to tackle on with this tension too.
Uuuuf seems will have some tuff time this weekdays.

Damn I got caught!

April 6, 2006

Well today I was being caught by a Professional Hacker I just helped a security expert to assemble some data base for his project and which required me to crack down one top IT company to be cracked down.I just messed up and left like a foot print on there PC.Was caught but my friend helped me out by helping me change there proxy networks IP address.

Never mind if you dont understand this things that I must be saying but keep it a secret that I am now a Security Expert and a Member of NAG(National Anti-Hack Group,India) 

I have now got invitation from many security forums to be a V.I.P. But since I am right now in 12th and dont have time to tackle all the situations so I have taken a leave from this tech world side of me.But truely I wanna reach the top of this world and inspired to be competiting with Bill Gates 🙂

So what really happened today, :))

Nothing much actually but I am going on a confusion today, whether I am having attraction towards somebody or whether its something different or whether the situations are making these things happen.Damn I am turning into something strange these days.

Along with it, well tutions school and life is keeping me busy.Along with this blog I am planing to start a new tech site along with keeping and launching my new websites back online Monzilla and Monzine 

 The new site is all about coding and its a Security Top 10 site! 😉

Whenever you feel low!

April 5, 2006

Well whenever I feel low and dishearted I just do one thing.Well go to a temple, ie. Hanuman Mandir, Cannaught Place in Delhi or go to a Hospital.Well help some needy people.Look what God has given you but not them.Take a pledge and just say thank to God for providing me with anything that you might have.For helping me till now for what I am and for helping me in future for what I am not.

There were some old people with no eyes.They are just relieble on people like us.May be thats why I may truely now want to cut off some money from my pocket money and look for investing some money in there life.I might be enjoying with my friends in the near by place District Centre where all my friends do go casually but that is where I change my mind and go to some place where I may invest those masti money in a place I can help.

I dont look for rewards for doing anything but still I want to tell you.Please do the same.Just help someone whom you can.Just invest some McDonalds burgers to those who really need it.That will make your soul better may be…..but not the all time masti nature that people do have.

Whats the fuss all about-Study,Study,and Study!

April 5, 2006

Well my parents are back at me asking me to study and study.Damn it looks like I have been given over torch-er these days:-P But Still mom, dad I know what I need to do in my life.Please live me alone I will do it! That's what I generally say, but well I know they say so because they want my better.OK I understand and that's why I need to clear my priorities now.

May be today I am feeling more comfortable thats because well there is somebody who got trust on me and I got understanding that I shouldnt be breaking that.Thats what will be my basic priority.I dont know how I will pay back for what my parents might have done for me.But still there are some things which you cannot pay back atleast in this life,But you may try.

Thanks God for giving me such lovin parents! 

I am a rockstar!

April 5, 2006

Well there is a rock-star inside me!I sing like a rock-star think like a rapper(ie, Eminem).I am a artistic boy indeed and like to be creative.Well I don't take things easy in life and small things in life does matter to me.I am just me and a psycho who does do things which no other people do.For example at my age I am a Computer Genius, thats true.I am a reputed member in many forums and I am administrator on many forums.Well even some forums are member of NAG.co.in thats National Anti-Hack Group of India.This is one secret thatno one nows about me, thats including my friends and family.Though I might be great and I know it but still I would be a modest always.Its like I am made to be a Modest Guy.

Nothing much to say today.Just listening to some rock music.And now I am planning to get a Guitar for myself and grow my hair longer 😛 

Believe me, Dont believe on anyone!

April 5, 2006

Well today I realized that some of my friends are actually using me.Well the thing is clear some people just join your group for the matter of seeking something from you.Dont just beleive on anyone now, thats the moral I can say I got today.

Next, is that without even knowing I made some mistakes actually.There is some one who is my friend but some of my friends used me to contact my friend's friends.Well thats like they were using me as a So called BAHANA in hindi.

Well never mind, thank god I got this on time.Lets hope for a better life ahead now.

[I had a accident yesterday, seems like days arent on my side these days]